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The Truth Behind Popular Beauty Myths

Getting beauty tips, now and then from relatives, acquaintances, and your beauticians in the parlor is very common.

How many of these tips are true or people just follow them because they have been convinced by someone else for the same.

Everything that you read and hear is not true. Some are miles away from the truth. 

The Truth Behind Popular Beauty Myths

Myth#1: Shaving Hair Will Make Them Grow Back Thicker.

Truth: This statement is not true at all. Shaving or waxing of hair can never change the thickness, rate of growth, and the color of the hair(1).

Shaving the hair gives them a short tip that may feel as if it has grown thicker, darker, and more noticeable.

Myth#2: If You Pluck A Grey Hair, They Would Increase In Number

Truth: Hair follicles are individual entities, and greying occurs at the follicular level.

Greying of hair can occur due to various causes such as vitamin B12 deficiency, neurofibromatosis, thyroid disease, alopecia areata, and vitiligo(2).

If you pluck one grey hair it would grow back as grey as it was and would not affect the growth and color of the hair growing from other follicles(3). Anything done to one follicle does not affect the other follicles, not even those present just near the affected ones.

Myth#3: Cutting Off The Cuticles Keeps The Nail Healthy.

Truth: The truth is just the opposite. Cuticles are the barrier between the nail bed and the outside environment and protect the nail from infection.

Cutting of the cuticle would break this barrier and allow the access of bacteria and fungus inside the body. This leads to infection(4).

Once you start clipping the cuticle you would need to do it again and again as then to grow back torn.

Myth#4: Pimples Develop Overnight

Truth: Pimples occur as a result of the accumulation of sebum and it takes around one week for the acne to become visible.

The pimple that you see suddenly one morning on your face is due to the infection caused in the accumulated sebum.

Do not curse yourself for not cleaning your skin the previous night. The pimple is a result of you being lazy with your skincare routine all these days.

Myth#5: Laser Hair Removal Gives Permanent Result

Truth: Laser hair removal helps in getting rid of 80 percent of hair but the hair that is in a dormant state would get active later and start growing. Also, repeated laser therapy sessions are required to reduce hair density(5).

After laser treatment, the hair, does grow back but is less dense and finer than before.

Myth#6: Losing Weight Can Help Get Rid Of Cellulite

Truth: Cellulite is more due to hormonal patterns and genetics than fats. It occurs due to the breakdown of connective tissue, elastin, and collagen in the skin, which gets pushed by the fat cells into the middle layer. This makes it visible at the surface(6).

Shedding weight would smoothen the dimpling a bit but would not eradicate the cellulite.

Myth#7: Facial Exercise Helps You Look Younger

Truth: Resistance exercises help tone up the body but do not have a similar effect on the face(7).

Facial exercise won’t help tighten the facial muscles and fill up the fine lines, instead would make the lines more visible.

Myth#8: Wearing Makeup Every Day Can Cause Pimples

Truth: Wearing makeup every day cannot lead to pimples, but yes, not cleaning it properly surely would.

Every time you wear makeup, make sure you remove it properly. Leaving it overnight can irritate the skin and lead to acne.

Myth#9: Using The Same Shampoo For Long Would Make It Less Effective For Your Hair.

Truth: Using a shampoo that suits you the best is no way inappropriate. Its effectiveness can be hampered due to the various product build-ups such as hairsprays, serum, oils, and more.

Next time you feel your shampoo is not as effective as it was earlier try using a calcifying shampoo once and then continue with the usual one.

Myth#10: Applying Cocoa Butter And Olive Oil Would Stop Stretch Marks.

Truth: Stretch marks occur due to the quickly expanding of the skin. This breaks the collagen and elastin fibers that support the skin.

Stretch marks are formed below the upper layer of the skin where these creams and oils would not even reach. They can just help reduce the itching and nothing much.

Always try knowing about any teaching you get from others, rather than blindly following them. It’s important to know the fact so that when you pass on the teachings to others similarly, you are better informed.

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