10 Natural Remedies For Microscopic Colitis

Microscopic colitis is the inflammation of colon. Unlike Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, the disease requires microscopic evaluation of colon to confirm its presence. The symptoms consist of diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and fatigue.

10 Natural Remedies For Microscopic Colitis

10 Natural Remedies For Microscopic Colitis

Microscopic colitis is largely a gastrointestinal tract disease and the natural remedies used is either to treat the disease or to reduce the side effects of the disease and will have to act in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the natural remedies would be such that to reduce the inflammation or to reduce the deposition of collagen. Also, the food incorporated in the diet chart should be non-irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. Following are the 10 natural remedies which can be used in the management of microscopic colitis:

Boswellia Serrata: One of the major reasons for microscopic colitis is the autoimmune interaction. It leads to the inflammation in the colon area in both collagenous colitis and lymphocytic colitis. Boswellia serrata is used as a natural healer against the inflammation. The mechanism of Boswellia serrata is to inhibit the production of 5-lipooxygenase and the formation of leukotrienes. Boswellia serrata also inhibits the action of topoisomerase I and IIα.

Probiotics: Probiotics also plays a major role in the management of the colitis and its related symptoms such as diarrhea. The probiotics are known to modulate the immune system which reduces the inflammation and finally the reduction in the symptoms. Although, the physician will recommend the probiotics in the prescription, but the patient may also take the natural source of probiotics such as curd.

Kefir: Kefir is the fermented milk drink which is made by yeast or bacterial fermentation of kefir grains. If the probiotic pills prescribed by the doctor do not work, the patient may supplement himself with the kefir. Kefir is known to reduce the symptoms of colitis such as diarrhea.

Killing The Infection: Infection is also a probable cause of colitis which leads to inflammation of colon. There are various natural ingredients available that helps in reducing the infection of colon. These may include either the higher dose of probiotic or other ingredients that have antimicrobial action. Honey, ginger or pineapple can be considered.

Non-Irritant Diet: The predigested non-irritant diet is required so as to provide rest to the already stressed GIT. The diet should be low fiber and low fat, includes plenty of liquids to compensate for the loss due to diarrhea and easily digestible food.

Healing Inflammation: There are various natural ingredients that helps in reducing the inflammation of colitis. These may include Aloe Vera or L-glutamine. They also help in fast healing of the tissues.

Supplementation: Colitis may reduce the capacity of the GIT in absorbing the vitamins and minerals available in the food that further leads to the complexity of symptoms. Thus, to compensate for this loss, patient may take over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements.

Antioxidants: In the absence of antioxidants, the free radical aggregates in the body and starts damaging the tissues. Also, the absence of antioxidants reduces the rate of healing of tissues. Natural antioxidants such as Co-enzyme Q10 and pycnogenol can be recommended to the patients.

Lifestyle: There are various lifestyle disorders that have a negative impact on colitis. These disorders include eating spicy food, smoking and drinking. These things should be avoided for faster healing and reduction of symptoms.

Frequency of Meals: As the absorption mechanism of the GIT is already compromised in colitis, the heavy meals may lead to further aggravate the symptoms. Thus, it is advised to take smaller meals at regular intervals.


Microscopic colitis is caused due to the inflammation in the colon and deposition of collagen in the wall. This disease is not diagnosed through imaging techniques rather the tissue is withdrawn, and a biopsy is done. Apart form normal therapy, various natural remedies are available that helps in healing the disease or subsiding the symptoms.

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