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Natural Remedies For Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a long lasting disease and that affects the muscles of the body. In this disease, there is presence of pain that has its origin from certain trigger points called as myofascial trigger points. These points are hypersensitive and are located in the muscle end plates forming taut muscle bands. The common causes of myofascial pain syndrome are trauma, repetitive stress to muscles, etc. If this disease occurs due to some other cause, then treating that cause is the main thing to do. But if the cause is unknown, then only symptomatic treatment can be given. However, there is no specific test or investigation that can give you the exact cause of this disease. (1)

Natural Remedies For Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Natural Remedies For Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Stretching Exercises– You can learn the stretching exercises for each individual muscle to reduce the pain in that muscle. The exercise must be performed gently to release the pain. First there might be mild pain while stretching but then it will ease down slowly with time as you keep on performing stretching exercises on a regular basis.

Heat Application- You can apply heat to the taut muscle fibers at home with the help of hot packs or by taking a hot or steam shower. The heat will work its way to release the tension in the muscles and gradually relaxing the muscle.

Proper Diet- People with myofascial pain syndrome must take in nutritious food on a regular basis. Patient must have a balanced diet to prevent any deficiencies. Eating in proper quantity and proper quality will be very beneficial for such patients. If your dietary intake is low, then you can use some artificial supplements through multivitamin medications. (2)

Meditation– People who suffer from myofascial pain syndrome always face anger, depression, sleep disturbance, etc. These mood changes must be taken care of and meditation is one of the best ways to do it. Meditation can work more effectively than morphine in relieving pain in such patients. Meditating everyday can bring drastic changes in the life of patient. With the help of meditation, the problems with sleep like insomnia can also be reduced. (3)

Yoga– Yoga plays a very crucial role in relieving the pain due to myofascial pain syndrome. Studies have been done to find out the benefits of yoga in this disease and it has been found that yoga helps in relieving the pain in cervical myofascial pain syndrome. Along with meditation, yoga can work like magic to reduce the pain in myofascial pain syndrome. Along with the therapeutic methods like drugs and physiotherapy, yoga helps a lot in improvement of people with myofascial pain syndrome. (4)

Non-Pharmacological Treatment Options For Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Physical Therapy– Physical therapy is a very good option to treat the chronic pain due to myofascial pain syndrome. The physical therapists work on the stiff and weak muscles and make them strong gradually. Due to this therapy, the strain on the muscles also reduces. The ability to use your muscles and make movements possible also improves due to this. You are taught certain exercises to relieve the pain, to make the muscle strong and stretch the muscle properly. The therapist may also use certain equipment or machines that will focus on individual group of muscles.

Trigger Point Injection– This method is used to treat chronic pain that is caused due to trigger points like in myofascial pain syndrome where the pain is caused due to myofascial trigger points. In this process, the doctor will insert a needle in the taut muscle band or the trigger point and will inject a local anesthetic or normal saline or sometimes corticosteroids. This will inactivate the trigger point and make the pain go away. These injections are to be taken at regular intervals and only by a doctor. This treatment option is used when all the other methods have failed. On the other hand, there is no clear result stating that this method is absolutely helpful. (5)


Myofascial pain syndrome is a very painful condition. There is no cure for this disease makes it even more irritating for the patient because they have to live with it forever. So, along with using therapeutic methods for treating this disease, various natural remedies must also be used. The natural remedies that can be used are- heat compress, yoga, meditation, proper diet and regular exercises. Especially yoga and meditation can really make a difference in your life if you are suffering with this disease.


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